Purchasing or selling a property with an existing microFIT Facility

The microFIT Program was established to support the development of small or “micro” renewable electricity generation projects (≤10 kilowatts (kW)), such as solar panel installations. As of December 1, 2017, the IESO officially closed the application window for the microFIT Program and ceased accepting any further applications.

An assignment is required when an owner intends to assign all of its rights and obligations under a microFIT procurement contract under which the output of a micro-embedded generation facility is sold to a different legal entity or individual(s).

Considering the purchase of a property with a microFIT solar photovoltaic (PV) generating Facility (solar Facility)?

Visit the IESO's microFIT program page for a microfit overview.

Below are some initial questions you may consider asking when buying a property with a solar facility. While not exhaustive, these questions are designed to kickstart a conversation aimed at fully understanding the implications of the solar facility on the property.

Selling a property with a solar photovoltaic microFIT (PV) generating Facility

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