Clearances to Overhead & Underground Electrical Infrastructure

Clearances to Overhead Electrical Infrastructure

Communication between all parties involved in the design, construction, renovation, for the use and maintenance of buildings  near overhead (OH) electrical infrastructure is key. Planners, architects, developers / contractors, and property owners must be informed and work together to ensure all laws, regulations and local requirements are met for the safety of workers and  occupants.

New Buildings or Additions to Buildings 

It is essential that Entegrus is notified on proposed projects early in the design phase to review and provide feedback. Site plan applications should be provided, including the drawings, to capture any conflicts before any permit is issued by the municipality. Ideally, Entegrus will be asked to provide pre-design input.

Please see the PDF below for more information regarding codes and regulations that govern the proximity to overhead electrical infrastructure that must be adhered to by all stakeholders. 

Clearances to Overhead Electrical Infrastructure PDF 


Clearances to Underground Electrical Infrastructure

Clearances around underground (UG) electrical infrastructure as per Entegrus’ specifications and standards must be met by planners, architects, developers / contractors, municipalities, and property owners.

Electrical workers must be able to safely access equipment to operate, maintain or replace it  (see Figure 1 in PDF below). The property owner will be responsible for any costs related to removing an obstruction, or if power restoration is delayed due to the obstruction.

Clearances to Underground Electrical Infrastructure (PDF)