Backup Generation

Entegrus customers are permitted to install emergency back-up generators as a redundant source to power their facility in the event of a power outage. Emergency back-up generators are prohibited from exporting energy onto the distribution grid and must be exclusively used to power the customers’ own facility when isolated from the distribution grid.

The emergency back-up generator must have a manual or automatic transfer switch used for isolating the facility from the distribution grid. While generating, the facility must be isolated from the distribution system and must not operate in parallel with the distribution grid. The facility may be permitted to perform “Closed Transitions” subject requirements outlined in the Hydro One Technical Interconnection Requirements (TIR) and Entegrus approval.

Please consult Entegrus Engineering when planning to install an emergency back-up generator with a nameplate greater than 10 kW. For reference to the connection requirements, consult the Hydro One TIR.