Connecting a Generator ≤ 10 kW

Looking to install a generator? Participate in the Net Metering program.

The Net Metering program allows Entegrus customers the ability to earn credits by exporting surplus energy back onto the utility distribution grid. These credits can then be used to reduce the customers energy costs. 

To participate in Net Metering:

  • You must be an Entegrus customer
  • The customer generates electricity primarily for the customer's own use
  • The customer conveys the electricity that is generated directly from the point of generation to another point for the customer’s own consumption, without reliance on the distributor’s distribution system;
  • The customer conveys any electricity that is in excess of what is consumed by the generator into the distributor’s distribution system

See O. Reg. 541/05 Net Metering  Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c. 15, Sched. B

Application Process for Generators ≤ 10 kW:

  1. Download the Generation Consultation Form (PDF) and email the completed form to the Entegrus Generation Department. Entegrus will follow up with additional supporting documentation required (Single Line Diagram, Site Layout, Generator Specifications, etc).
  2. Once the application is deemed complete, Entegrus will review documentation and check available feeder generation capacity. Entegrus will provide a letter indicating if the project may proceed.
  3. After receiving the Entegrus acceptance letter, contact the Entegrus Engineering Department to complete an “Electrical Service Application” and schedule a meter upgrade date. Note ESA approval is required prior to energization.

Download the Generation Consultation Form (PDF)