Contractor Compliance

Performing work on behalf of Entegrus?

Entegrus requires Contractors performing work on behalf of Entegrus to complete requirements available in Contractor Compliance. 

This process allows Entegrus to ensure all Occupational Health & Safety requirements are met for all Entegrus Contractors. 


  • Contractor Safety Qualification Questionnaire to be completed and all supporting documents submitted (outlined below).

You will be required to upload the following into Contractor Compliance: 

  • All training certificates for each employee working for Entegrus attached as per the Work Activity Chart (Appendix B)
  • Signed and dated Company Safety Policy
  • Copy of Safety Manual
  • Proof of insurance (Appendix A) 
  • WSIB clearance Certificate 
  • WSIB Injury Summary Report
  • Violence and Harassment Policy 

The Contractor Orientation Video and test is also required to be taken by each employee working for Entegrus.  Once completed each employee will receive a wallet size completion certificate in the mail to each employer and is required to be carried by each employee while working on an Entegrus job site.

Contractors will be required to achieve 100% compliance in both Corporate and Employee Requirements to be considered for working with Entegrus.

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For further details or questions about Contractor Compliance, please visit the Contractor Compliance website or contact the Contractor Compliance Support Team by email or by phone at 1-800-452-0863 ext. 3.

Or, you can visit the Contractor Compliance Knowledge Base.