Submit a Water Meter Reading

Water meters are read monthly. If we are unable to obtain a water read, a card is left for the customer to submit a read (instructions below). Please contact customer service to have your water meter repaired. 

How to submit a water read

Customers can choose one of the following methods to submit their water meter reading to Entegrus, 24 hours a day:

1. Login to My Account and select Forms OR;

2. Email Customer Service (photo of water meter register recommended) OR;

3. Call 1-866-804-7325 & listen for prompts (press option 2, option 2, option 2, and then press option 4 to record your reading). OR;

4. Fill out the online read form below.

Submit your water meter reading

Locating your water meter

The location is important to know, as it contains the main shut off valve, which you may need to access in case of an emergency. If you need any help locating your meter, please contact us. Meters are often located where the service enters the house, which could be:

  • a basement
  • under the sink (especially in cases where a lower level doesn't exist)
  • in a closet 
  • behind a washing machine
  • in the utility / furnace room
  • in a crawl space, etc.

In some cases, the meter is difficult to access. If this is the case and you experience a water emergency, please contact us for assistance.

Reading your water meter

Your water meter is typically located in your basement. To read it, start with the number on the left and then record the odometer style digits displayed on your water meter. It is important to record all the digits and note how many are after the decimal place.

Photo of water meter                Photo of water meter