Residential Electrical Service Requests

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New Connections & Service Upgrades

If you're looking to install a new connection for a new build, or upgrade an already existing connection, please complete the Residential Connection Request form below.

Please ensure you have the following information prior to starting your request:

  • Site Plan
  • Proposed Meter Location
  • Existing service information (if applicable)

An electrical service layout request is required. Contractors, home owners and business owners installing new electrical services or upgrading electrical services will require an Electrical Service Layout from Entegrus Powerlines Inc. This includes information about the project and any applicable fees.

Residential 200A Service (Applicable to Entegrus customers in Chatham-Kent, Strathroy, Mount Brydges, Parkhill, Dutton & Newbury, effective March 1, 2022)

Subdivision / or existing service - Drop at property line (includes Cable / Meter)$341.00
Subdivision - Coiled at property line (includes Meter only)$206.00

Residential Connection Request

Please note: An inspection from the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) is required prior to connecting the service. All conditions identified on the Electrical Service Layout request must be met prior to scheduling the connection date with Entegrus.

Note: if you are moving to the Entegrus service area and are looking to create a new account, please visit our moving section. 


Hydro Locates

There is buried infrastructure everywhere. You must contact Ontario One Call to get buried cables, pipes and wires located so you can dig safely.

If you have damaged any underground services, please contact us to evaluate and make repairs. 

To request a locate, visit the Ontario One Call website or call 1-800-400-2255.

Request a Locate Online 


Miscellaneous Service Requests 

If you require any services not listed above, please fill out the Miscellaneous Service Request form below.

Miscellaneous Service Requests

Please include:

  • Scope of work
  • Be specific, provide pole or transformer number
  • Timeline of work requested