Water Rates, Policies & New Connections

*Please note: watering your lawn and garden or filling your pool with Municipal water is subject to both water and wastewater charges.

Billing Frequency

Entegrus bills water accounts monthly (with the exception of Bulk Water). 

Water Usage

Your Entegrus bill may include municipal water and sewer billing.

Your water usage is displayed on your Entegrus Bill, below your electricity usage (if applicable), along with the read dates. You can view your current and previous bills in My Account

For water and sewer billing inquiries, please contact Customer Service or call 1-866-804-7325. For all other water inquiries, please contact your respective Municipality / City / Town / Village.

Reporting a Water Emergency

Visit Report an Issue to find contact information for your area.

Water Rates & Occupancy Charges

Entegrus bills on behalf of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, City of St. Thomas, Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc & the Village of Newbury. Water rates are set through Bylaws annually, available below, along with any applicable deposit policies.

New Connections & Moves

Water Leaks

If you suspect you may have a leak, review our tips below. Contact a certified plumber for assistance. 

Bulk Water Stations

A bulk water station is a location where commercial business, agricultural operations and the general public can purchase large volumes of water at easily accessible locations.