Trees & Powerlines

For information on tree planting & trimming near overhead electrical infrastructure, view our Tree Planting & Trimming PDF below. 

Tree Planting and Trimming

Overgrown trees and plants near power lines and other electrical equipment can become safety hazards or even lead to avoidable outages.

During the winter months, Entegrus trims trees in the vicinity of power lines to reduce the potential of tree-related power interruptions and to protect the public from limbs contacting energized circuits. 

Entegrus also trims trees that are approaching or interfering with Entegrus owned lines to maintain a safe distance for our employees and the public. 

Entegrus will clear up to 10 feet from primary lines, and 3 feet from secondary lines. A qualified utility arborist will be required. Never attempt to trim trees near powerlines yourself.

If you have concerns regarding trees and electrical lines, please send us an email and our operations department will assess any action required. Please include a photos of the area of concern as well as a photo of the entire tree, if possible. 

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