Flood Safety

Electrical Safety During a Flood

Watch out for downed powerlines in flood-affected areas. If you see one, stay back 10 metres (the length of a school bus), call 9-1-1 and Entegrus to report it.

Localized flooding has the potential to cause wet basements. Do not enter your basement if you suspect water has risen above the level of electrical outlets, baseboard heaters, or is near/ can't safely get to your electrical panel/main breaker to it shut off. Electricity can move through water or wet floors and cause a severe electrical shock.

  • Contact Entegrus to safely disconnect your power.
  • Do not plug in or use electrical appliances that have been wet until they have been checked by a licensed electrical contractor or serviced by the manufacturer.
  • Look out for flood damage in your home and around your property. Do not attempt to clear debris if you see downed powerlines, they may be live and are very dangerous.
  • Do NOT attempt to repair yourself. Contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to make repairs. They will evaluate your home’s electrical system to determine if it is safe to have Entegrus restore power to your home.
  • People should take extra caution and avoid the river, ditches, and streams.  The combination of slippery banks, and fast moving cold water can be dangerous.  Standing water can also present its own unseen hazards.  Children, pets and livestock should be kept away from the water. 
  • Visit the Electrical Safety Authority's website for more information on Flood Safety, or download the PDF brochure below. 

ESA Flood Safety PDF