Commercial & Industrial

Please refer to our Conditions of Service for fee schedule. 

New Commercial Connections & Upgrades

Important information regarding project timelines:

As a result of the ongoing global supply chain issues and shipping disruptions we are currently experiencing a 6-8 month delay in receiving materials from when a design is approved and the final payment is received. Entegrus encourages customers to take a proactive approach by keeping these timelines in mind when planning your projects. Please contact us if you have any questions.

New Requirements for Connecting Non-Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to Entegrus Powerlines’ Distribution System

Electric Vehicles Charging Connection Procedure (EVCCP)

New procedures have been implemented to support the efficient integration of electric vehicle charging infrastructure into the power grid.

Customers requesting Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) connections can fill out the EVPCIR (Electric Vehicle Preliminary Consultation Information Request) Form (PDF), alternate formats available upon request) as an optional preliminary enquiry. Submit completed EVPCIR applications via email to

Customers can also opt to skip the optional EVPCIR submission and directly submit their EVSE connection request to Entegrus through the Commercial and Industrial Connection Request link. Thereafter, it will be reviewed for completeness & responded to within 15 days. 

New Commercial Connections & Upgrades

If you're looking to install a new service, upgrade your service, or (new) connect Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment please fill out the Commercial or Industrial Connection Request available via the link below.

Commercial / Industrial Connection Requests

Contractors, home owners and business owners installing new electrical services or upgrading electrical services will require an Electrical Service Layout from Entegrus Powerlines Inc. This includes information about the project and any applicable fees.

An inspection from the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) is required prior to connecting the service. All conditions identified on the Electrical Service Layout request must be met prior to scheduling the connection date with Entegrus.

If you're a builder looking to connect your subdivision, visit Subdivision Development. If you're a residential customer looking to apply for service, visit our Moving section.

Hydro Locates

There is buried infrastructure everywhere. You must contact Ontario One Call to get buried cables, pipes and wires located so you can dig safely.

If you have damaged any underground services, please contact us to evaluate and make repairs. 

To request a locate, visit the Ontario One Call website or call 1-800-400-2255.

Request a Locate Online 

Miscellaneous Service Requests

If you require any services not listed above, please fill out the Miscellaneous Service Request form below.

Miscellaneous Service Request

Use the above form for requests including:

  • Commercial Disconnects / Reconnects
  • Switching
  • Pole Relocates
  • Anchor Relocates
  • Pole Hold