Safety at Work

Visit the Electrical Safety Authority website to learn more about powerline safety at work. High voltage powerlines are unforgiving and lethal. The video below shows a reenactment of a powerline accident on a construction site with a precisely built 1:6 scale model. Find out more at

Safety Tips

  • Stay away from fallen power lines; always consider every wire as if it were live, even if it doesn't look like it. The wire may not be sparking or making burning sounds, but could still be energized at full line potential.
  • Stay indoors after severe storms until electrical crews have been around to repair fallen wires. If you see a fallen wire at anytime, please contact Entegrus Powerlines at 519-352-6300.
  • Never run electrical cords under rugs or carpets.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets with multiple appliances; this could cause a fire.
  • Use extension cords with three pronged plugs for appliances that require grounding. Insert and remove plugs by grasping the plug. Do not touch the metal prongs or pull on the cord.
  • Never use water on an electrical fire.
  • Always dry your hands before touching electric appliances.

Safety at Work

Aluminum ladders, or ladders with aluminum parts, will act as conductors of electricity if they contact overhead powerlines.  Visit the ESA's website for more information on Landscaping Safety for Work.  Additional safety information is also available on Roofers Siding & Eaves Trough Installer SafetyTree Trimming (PDF) as well as information for Farmers and workers

Dump Truck Operators

Dump truck drivers and construction workers must ensure they are aware of the location and voltage of overhead powerlines where they are working. Visit the ESA website for more information on dump truck safety. 

Internal Safety Standards

Entegrus has a corporate commitment to delivering electricity to our customers in a safe and reliable manner. Protecting and educating the public and our employees about the hazards of electricity distribution is taken very seriously. Electrical Safety standards that protect the public from high voltage powerlines are applied to every construction project, and the distribution system throughout our service area is inspected regularly to ensure it is operating safely.

Entegrus is a long-standing member of the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) to ensure our employees are provided the tools to help them work safely. The Company participates in the IHSA ZeroQuest Program, guiding participants through the process of building a sustainable health and safety system with the goal of achieving zero injuries. Entegrus has achieved the last of the four level process, the Sustainability Level, where a firm must be constantly engaged in planning, implementing, checking, and correcting its health and safety system.  

For more information on the ZeroQuest program, visit the IHSA website

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