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Integrity powers every aspect of our operations - from how we manage our facilities and resources to how we treat our customers and communities we serve.  It's how we work, it's who we are.

We're steadfastly committed to operating safe, reliable and cost-effective distribution systems while providing the highest level of service.  Because delivering a dependable energy supply is one thing, but being a dependable energy supplier is the higher standard to which we aspire, every day.


Smart Meters

A smart meter tracks how much electricity you use and when you use it, providing key information to help you manage your electricity costs. All residences and small businesses in the Entegrus service territory are now equipped with smart meters, marking a significant step toward creating a conservation culture in the province.  Customers can sign up for My Account (previously Go Figure) to have access to their household usage information which details when and how much energy you are using.

For more information on how your smart meter works, visit:


Time of Use Billing

Time of use billing is based on the power you use at different times of the day. Rates are adjusted according to peak demand.

  1. On Peak (highest demand)
  2. Mid Peak (moderate demand)
  3. Off-Peak (lowest demand)

Find out more at the Ontario Energy Board Website:




Conditions of Service

Visit our Conditions of Service page


Conservation Demand Management Strategy

Conservation is key to our industry and our conservation goals are important to us.  We offer incentives and programs to our home and business customers alike. At Entegrus, we firmly believe in these programs, because they help our customers manage their energy usage in their businesses and homes. Our Conservation Demand Management Strategy is just one way that Entegrus stands by our commitment to conservation.  You can view our strategy documents on the resources page.

Visit our conservation pages for residential and business customers, for information on conservation programs currently available.

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