Why are there blanks on the 2013 scorecard?

A blank means that the data for that particular metric and year is not available. Five new measures were only recently introduced in the scorecard (March 2014) so the data is not available for the 2013 period:

• First Contact Resolution
• Billing Accuracy
• Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
• Public Safety
• Distribution System Plan Implementation Progress.

The results for these new measures are expected to be included in the scorecard for 2014. Some utilities were already tracking their performance in these areas for 2013, and do show a result.

Other measures were introduced at different times so the data is available accordingly:

• Efficiency Assessment is available starting in 2012
• Conservation and Demand Management, Renewable Generation Connection Impact Assessments Completed on Time, and Profitability Ratios are available starting in 2011
• New Micro-embedded Generation Facilities Connected on Time was introduced in 2013 and data will only be available starting in 2013.


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