Entegrus Prepared to Keep the Lights on During Pandemic


Entegrus wants to assure its customers that we are listening, and we are prepared.

“Living and working through a global pandemic where the rules change daily if not hourly, is a challenge, but one that we are prepared for.” stated Jim Hogan, President & CEO of Entegrus. “We have implemented emergency preparedness procedures to help our community and our staff stay safe.” 

While the company has closed its office doors to outside visitors, they still have a fully functioning team providing the same excellent customer service communities can count on. This includes having Customer Service Reps work using the latest remote access technology. Similar social distance enabling technology is being used by all inside support staff.

Additionally, Entegrus has implemented several new procedures to take precautions to ensure our essential outside staff, including lines, metering and field services, remain safe, while continuing to respond to customer and community needs. 

As announced yesterday through social media channels, Entegrus has introduced several measures that will support our community during these trying times. These measures include increased payment flexibility for our customers experiencing hardship, and waiving interest charges on outstanding residential balances until June 17, 2020.  Furthermore, Entegrus has extended the residential electricity disconnection moratorium from April 30th to June 17th, 2020.

Entegrus has heard clearly from customers of their need for an adjustment to the Time of Use rate structure. The company continues to work with local provincial officials, the Electricity Distributors Association and the Ministry of Energy on this.  Under provincial legislation, the Ontario Energy Board must provide an order for such a change to happen and Entegrus will continue to urge decisive and quick action. 

Customers are encouraged to email customerservice@entegrus.com or call 1-866-804-7325 with any questions or inquiries. We do ask for your patience when contacting our office during this challenging time.  We have a dedicated team ready and happy to assist you however we can.