Electrical Safety Online Survey Begins Monday, March 4, 2024


Starting Monday, March 4, 2024 and continuing over the next two weeks, Entegrus is undertaking a public awareness of electrical safety survey as part of our electricity distributor scorecard requirement. Innovative Research Group is carrying out this online survey on behalf of Entegrus.

Entegrus customers, who are randomly selected to participate in this online survey, will receive an email from engage@entegrus.com. The survey should take approximately 5-7 minutes for customers to complete.

Participating in this survey will help us determine the current level of safety awareness in our area and will provide valuable information on improving education on this, and other industry related topics. 

Should any questions arise, contact Entegrus Customer service at 1-866-804-7325 (option 2), or via email at customerservice@entegrus.com.