Door to Door Scam


Entegrus has received reports of individuals going door to door misrepresenting themselves as Entegrus.

"Home Service Canada" was the name of the company reported to us. An appointment was made claiming an inspection was required. The individuals have printed Entegrus bill inserts, and are collecting a void cheque to "update account information."

Entegrus does not conduct business this way. Please be cautious with information you provide at your door.

There are no Entegrus employees, or anyone representing Entegrus, going door to door or calling residential customers for inspections. If you receive a visit/call from an individual asking to see your utility bill, or to perform an inspection, check your water valves or water heater, please use caution. If you are visited from anyone claiming to be from Entegrus, ask for proper identification or call our office to confirm.  

Reports of fraud can be made to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre on-line by visiting the CAFC website at, or by calling 1-888-495-8501.